past work

I’ve worked on a whole bunch of projects! Most of them I’m pretty proud of, so I’ve listed them here:

The Department of Happy Endings (2020)

I made this game as my final project for year 0 of uni. It’s built in twine, with all the writing, art, and code done by me! You can play it on

Investigator in the Carp Caper (2020)

This script + character design + storyboard combo is an ongoing personal project of mine! It was made with the help and encouragement of Suraya Raja, who was my mentor for three months. (if it doesn't load, you can see it here.)

The Squircle (2019)

This short film was made as my A Level film studies coursework. It was the first piece of animated storytelling I made myself, and looks at gender identity in an accessible way.